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Invest in your skin. it is going to represent you for a very long time.

WELCOME TO avmskin by Ashley

With 10+ years of experience in the cosmetology and skincare industry

Ashley has gained extensive experience treating all different skin types. She has performed treatments ranging from advanced facials to lymphatic drainage, tissue tightening procedures to hair removal.

Aqua peel Facial

Jetpower utilizes most professional parameters’ design, high-pressure jet opens the skin natural channel, to achieve flow stripping and expansion injection, so that the nutrients and trace elements needed by the skin penetrate into every layer of the skin, increasing the way of giving nutrients to the cells.

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High-pressure atomization

High-pressure atomization introduction technology is adopted, the aerodynamics and nano-molecular fusion are innovatively applied in this machine, and the ultra-fine, ultra-high-speed high-voltage radio frequency method can realize the nutritional hydration of the skin dermis without harming the epidermal cells. Totally say goodbye to imaginary skin care and epidermal skin care